11/01/2007 - CIT Windows 1.11 (New version)  

The new version of CIT Windows 1.11 is now available. Please consult the update section of this product for more detail on modifications.

07/04/2003 - DGC Report Manager  

DGC Solutions Inc. is now offering a new product, a report manager software for the T3000 product. It allow T3000 users to manage their T3000 reports, choose Windows Printers (including Fax printers), better consulting, export to PDF format, send report by email, add logo... For more detail...


  12/30/2002 - CIT Windows 1.09  

DGC Solutions Inc. is proud to offer its new version of CIT Windows 1.09.  This new version include many modifications based on your suggestions & comments.  Please consult the update section of this product for more detail on thoses modifications.

DGC Solutions Inc. want to help you and want to respond to your needs, so do not hesitate to communicate with us.  We have just added to our web site, a suggestion form Suggestions to facilitate the gathering of your suggestions/ideas/comments.


  11/15/2002 - Partership agreement  

To offer better solutions, DGC Solutions Inc. had conclude an agreement with Les Produits d'Affaires NEBS, for business stock supply, sticker, clothing industry and promotionals articles.  This company is establish in Canada since 25 years and have more than 200 000 canadian companies who benefit from there products and services.

Every client of DGC Solutions Inc. can now benefit from the PROGRAMME PARTENAIRE IDÉAL NEBS which include a rebate of 10% on all the products line NEBS #519, plus AIR MILE(md) points for business... For more detail...


  11/01/2002 - GCCPRO  

DGC Solutions Inc. is now offering a new product, an invoicing software for professionnel.  This software named GCCPRO for "Gestion des Comptes Clients pour PROfessionnel", allow the creation of bilingual invoices and can use multiple currencies.    This software also allow you to control your accounts recevables and consult sales statistics... For more detail...


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