For DGC Solutions Inc, customer satisfaction is very important.  This is why all our efforts are oriented on the quality of our products and services.

We offer services for every kind of business.  Specialized in accounting, freight forwarding, inventory control, quotation, profit analysis and barcode integration, DGC Solutions can help business working in logistic (freight forwarding), distribution, printing companies, notary (in-trust accounting), forestry ward, etc...


  • Needs's analysis
    Consultation and analysis to generate a list of all your needs.  Once done,it's became easier to detemine a good solution that will meet perfectly all your expectations.
  • Conception
    We develop our softwares by step, so customer can see a kind of prototype during all the development.  This process give the opportunity to the customer to follow the development of the application and to apply modifications if needed.
  • Implementation
    We take care of the installation of our softwares.  Also, we can plan the need for other ressources (equipment or software).  We give training to users, so implementation of the new application at your office is faster and better.
  • Database conversion
    We can help you transfer data from an old application to a new one, as well as we can create program that will allow you to do electonic data interchange (EDI).
  • After-sale services
    Generaly, a telecommunication service is install to your place to give us access to your system, allowing us to support at distance.  Note that we have a good reputation in offering excellent after-sale services.
  • Technologies
    We are developing solutions running under Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP.   Our tools, from the suite of Visual Studio from Microsoft (Visual Fox Pro), permit us to create 32 bits windows software.  With those tools, we can meet the need for new technologies and respect today's standard.
    • Database used are xBase (.DBF) and SQL type
    • Barcode and label printer
    • Integration with a fax server
    • Integration with email, Excel, Internet browser...
    • We also have a lot of experience with tools like Clipper et RM-Cobol
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